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Everyone knows that losing weight is not an easy task. We are always in search of losing those extra pounds that both bother. When summer is coming we fight against the clock to dry quickly. This is why it is necessary to know some fast weight loss techniques.

But to start with, it's important to know that losing weight is a process that requires a lot of care: healthy eating, exercise and healthy habits. This includes food re-education when we eliminate all foods that are harmful to health. The idea is that the diet calms itself in the low content of carbohydrate to start the slimming.

Of course we should not restrict ourselves so much into eating well and we can make an exception for that Sunday bakery. Just should not be a routine habit.

The problem is that many people are looking for fast weight loss, but have a hard time getting results. More than half of the population needs to lose weight and 80% of them can not, after all they try diets without professional support. In other words, they can even do food re-education, exercises, reduce harmful foods, but something is missing. 

If this is your case consult the Emagrecentro. The process aims to leave the body in a state of ketosis. This means that the body uses fat deposits as a source of energy to eliminate weight.

Included Procedures:
Phase 1 - Duration of 1 Week:
Includes a Power-Injection application and 1 session of Infra-Red +
                     Evaluation with Coach of Scientific Weight Loss

Phase 2 - Duration of 1 Week:
Includes 4 Power-Injection applications and 4 Infra-Red +
4 Ratings with the Scientific Weight Loss Coach.

Phase 3 - duration of 1 month:
Includes 2 ratings with the Scientific Weight Loss Coach

Phase 4 - Duration of 4 months:
Includes 4 ratings with the Scientific Weight Loss Coach.

Duration of 6 months.

Products Included:
-Online course on scientific weight loss Method 4 Phases;
-Review Phases 1 and 2
-Review Phases 3 and 4
- E-books on keto-lowcarb feeding, intermittent fasting, over 200 keto-lowcarb recipes
                        -Audio-courses of music therapy with subliminal messages to lose weight
-Exercises of neurology
                        -Videos-physical activity classes to do at home to lose weight
          -Kit with 7 food supplements
-Kit with urinary tapes

                         METHOD 4 PHASES AND WEIGHT LOSS CONTROL
            With auricle acupuncture without needles and applications to increase the metabolism
and to finish with localized fat.