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Flaccidity is a problem that affects many men and women. This is a normal phenomenon due to age. With it, our body loses its tone and elasticity. Too much sun, smoking and poor diet also contribute to increased sagging. In addition, pregnancy, obesity, sedentary lifestyle and genetic inheritance are also factors that cause the disease.

But not everything is lost. There are several treatments that work against flaccidity and localized fat. One of them is radiofrequency equipment. In them, the technology heats the deeper layers of the skin and activates the production of collagen. The operation is continued because after six months the collagen remains activated. The first results come after two months.

Electrotônus ​​is another option. The equipment strengthens and tones the muscles. It is great for sagging and still helps in reducing cellulites. The area where the equipment is used has increased blood circulation and improved muscle trofism. This happens because the electrodes contract and relax the muscle, improving the flaccid areas. It is indicated for post-slimming and postpartum treatment.

The vibrating platform is also used to combat the problem. It eliminates the sagging of the arms, for example, in addition, the person performs exercises on the platform to optimize muscle toning. The contraction and relaxation aid in the reduction of the sagging in the long term.

What if you could perform all three procedures? Surely the sagging would go away much faster. It is precisely this treatment that the Emagrecentro provides: a session of electrotônus, a session of radiofrequency and a platform vibratory. In addition, you can include some habits to improve sagging:

• Avoid smoking;
• Avoid very drastic weight loss diets because they make the fat that supports the skin disappear very fast;
• Avoid excessive exposure to the sun;
• Drink lots of water .

Consult our professionals and say goodbye to sagging. It is worth remembering that no procedure in the Emagrecentro has bias of medical clinic, all the procedures are of Slimming and Estética and are realized by biomedical, physiotherapists and estheticians.